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58202810e4b0d35a9f98730e-58202bcee4b0d35a9f987390-eating_blogbeats had posted my article for one of the major Portugal event. The article is a quick dig into the affordable food options in Lisbon.


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Most Portuguese restaurants are cheap and have good food. However, there are couple of eateries that are reasonably priced and yet serve authentic Portuguese cuisines. Do ensure you do not miss the local delicacies at these local eateries if you are one who loves to take a dip in desi food.
One of the most popular places in Baixa is ’Café Beira Gare’, sited to the left of Rossio train station. The eat-out serves great food at a fraction of the cost of expensive restaurants. It’s busy and crowded yet loved by locals, given its traditional ambience.
Another option close by is ‘Restaurante Leão Douro’ that has a buffet for €5.90 at lunch and €7.40 at dinner.
One of the hidden secrets for a great lunch in ‘Rossio’ is the café  at the supermarket ’Pingo Doce’ to the east of Pedro IV Square. The café sells a range of traditional dishes and is purchased by the weight of the meal.
A small ‘tasca’ (simple and typical restaurant), with four or five daily dishes at unbeatable prices is a good place to go if you are visiting the Alfama neighbourhood. Sited close to the Flea Market and the beautiful ‘Rua dos Remédios’, the eatery has no signs of luxury but the food prepared by an old Portuguese woman, is a must try.
Populi’ ticks all the boxes with its splendid menu, super friendly service and fantastic downtown location.
Eating Affordable in Lisbon
Similarly, at the waterfront IBO ‘Marisqueira seafood’ is the catch of the day, with delicacies priced reasonably.
Considering the quality of its Argentinian steaks, an evening out at ’La Paparrucha’ is remarkable and includes an amazing view of mid-town Lisbon.
For a light lunch that’s easy on the pocket, grab a table at ’Tascardoso’, a humble eatery up in “Principe Real” that serves traditional Portuguese cuisine.
Alternatively, if Spanish-style tapas works up your appetite, head to ‘Cais do Sodre’ and the stylish ‘Meson Andaluz’.
In Graça, locals dine at ‘O Piteu da Graça’, highly regarded for its homemade food and sociable atmosphere.
Lisbon has lot of ‘pastelarias’ where meals are served at lunch at a good price.
Then there are restaurants called ‘Cervejarias’ where they have quick snacks like a steak in the bread or in a plate with a fried egg and fries (kind of Portugalia).
If you are in Benfica, it is suggested to visit ‘Edmundo’, for good price, good food with an option of nice fish.
O Alentejano’ in the commercial centre, Colaba has meals between 5-7 euros.
‘Cruzes Credo’ is a tiny restaurant in ‘Mouraria’, where you can enjoy a three course meal (starter, like cheese/ham, soup, main course, dessert, water, coffee and wine) for only 9-10 euros pp.
So, go out and eat Portuguese this holiday!!
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