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5821e3f1e4b0d35a9f988354-5821e73de4b0d35a9f988376-street_foods_in_lisbon_blogbeats had posted my article for one of the major Portugal event. The article is a quick dig into the street food options in Lisbon.
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The concept of street food is evergreen and has a long and colorful history with roots in Asia. Street food is enjoyed by people across ages for numerous reasons such as grabbing a quick and inexpensive bite while on the run, flavor packed with aroma and flavors, savor a sample of regional and local tastes, etc. In particular, it is a way to socialize and discover new food concepts.
Though Lisbon is not quite famous for its street food, yet it has pretty good options for a quick delicious grab. Portuguese have a wonderful and tempting line of food and drinks with every square in the city having a wide range of kiosks preparing scrumptious snacks.
Mercado Da Ribeira Lisbon
Mercado Da Ribeira and Mercado De Fusão are iconic squares in Lisbon, offering a wide array of delectable street foods like hamburgers, sandwiches, frozen yogurts, pizzas, gelato, pies, fresh juices, coffee, grilled seafood, cakes, croissants, cocktails and other Portuguese delicacies. Lined with tables all neatly set in rows in the middle of a huge hall and outlets lined along the walls add on to the experience. The fusion of the tempting array of drinks being served here, are a complement for perfect street food experience.
Pasteis De Belem lisbon
Pasties De Belem is a pastry shop in Rua De Belem, the western edge of the city. It is a perfect spot for relishing on the traditional, golden, rich custard tart, Pastel de nata, often dusted with powdered cinnamon and sugar. They go best with coffee and ensure you nibble on them while they are warm and fresh from the oven.
Gelateria Nannarella lisboa
Gelateria Nannarella is a tiny gelato shop in Rua Nova Da Piedade, serving freshly made gelato with quality ingredients and a huge selection from seasonal flavours.
Frozz Lisbon
Frozz in Bairro Alto is a popular place for healthy frozen yogurts. The natural yogurts are served with varied toppings like caramelized almond, grated chocolate, berries, figs, melons and fruit sauces for a heavenly indulgence. A huge variety of shakes available are an added feather to the already colorful cap.
Mercearia Criativa Lisboa
Mercearia Criativa is a wonderful dessert shop located in Avenida Guerra Junquiro. Whether it’s a delicate spongy cake, cheesecake, tarts or any other traditional Portuguese pastries, this is the perfect spot to satiate your sweet tooth.
Beira Gare lisboa
A cafe in Baixa, Beira Gare is popular for its fabulous and filling pork steak sandwiches “Bifana”, a succulent meaty snack with a savoury sauce packed in a fresh bread roll.
Cone À Portuguesa lisbon
Cone À Portuguesa in BairroAlto is a place serving Portuguese ingredients and fillings in a cone shaped bread crust perfectly baked in oven. These cones are stuffed with savoury fillings of chicken, meat or seafood and are layered with gooey cheese, fresh herbs and pesto sauce. A slice of tomato, mushroom or olives is placed on top to complete the delicacy.
Tartine lisbon
Tartine is a cute little bakery in Chiado that creates an amazing fusion of Portuguese tradition and French techniques. Specialities to try include the apple compote filled in a shortbread tart and topped with foam made from condensed milk and cinnamon. It also serves coffee for mid-evening cravings.
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