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Get into the “World-of-cooking” with my one-to-one classes, which means that you can cook, garnish, bake and decorate along with me. You can learn all from basics to advanced cooking techniques to bring out your inner-chef.
  • Each class will be a batch of 5-7 students and it will last for about 2-3 hours. You can select your own set of classes and schedule it yourself.
  • All the materials and the printed copies of the recipes will be provided to you in the class itself.
  • You need to register for the class by calling or mailing me to the details provided in the Connect With Me page to book your seat.
  • You go back home with the take-home samples and new ideas, tips and tricks in your mind.

Courses Available:

Chocolate Making –
Learn from tempering chocolate, to making of numerous varieties of chocolates, using molds and even their packing.
Chocolate Bouquet Making –
Learn to make beautiful chocolate bouquets, floral chocolate arrangements, that are not only tasty but also decorative and gift worthy.
Cake Making and Decoration –
This course teaches you not just baking, but the science of baking so that you understand how ingredients behave and what you can do to resolve any baking issues. From baking a perfect sponge to wholesome breads and professional looking puff pastry delights, you will make all items from scratch by hand. You learn cake decorating skills starting from basic icing to most difficult ones.
Sizzlers Fantasy –
Cooking class on exotic sizzlers… Not just that , you will get to learn using your imagination to create FANTASY.
Drinks Special –
We have the best drinks recipes for you to learn and enjoy at home or with friends.
Non Vegetarian Craze –
This is a wonderful opportunity to learn cooking scrumptious non – vegetarian food with this one day course. From poultry products to various high protein edibles will be the focus of this workshop and the attendees will learn to prepare authentic dishes with them.
The prime focus of this workshop is to ensure that healthy food is served at the end of the day and there is no compromise with the taste.
Vegetarian Delight –
This course is an ideal way of improving your vegetarian cookery or simply learning how to prepare meat-free dishes which are healthy and delicious.
The focus of this course is on skillful cooking using garden-fresh  produce to create mouth-watering meals which are light and easy to prepare yet visually stunning and simply delicious.
Desserts Love –
Have you got a sweet tooth? Do you love to prepare sugary delights? Then you’ll love a dessert cooking class!. Indulge your passion for desserts on this wonderful dessert making course. You will learn how to prepare from scratch, all classic desserts using fresh, seasonal produce.
Bakers Fun –
This baking special class consists of all baking goodies like cupcakes, cookies, muffins, breads, pies, tarts etc. All goodies would be preservative free, healthy yet very yummy to make you die for more…))
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